Saturday, October 1, 2011

2 months later

I guess it's time I let the world know how the Isai clan is holding up. It's been about 2 months since the near drowning and I figured rather than leave my saga out in webville just hanging without any closure---I can give you all a quick update.
Charlotte is doing great! She amazes me every day and makes me laugh out loud all the time. Her love for the water and the pool is not what it once was, but good news is, she has been back in. It's not like it used to be and it's probably for the best. She pretty much camps out in the cacuzzi (jacuzzi) and steers clear of the big pool saving without fail, "I fell in the big pool." I am not pushing too much. I know by next summer things will be much much better and well, truth be told, I'm so ready for summer to end. (For any of you that know me...that is NOT my normal way. I love love love summer and always get the fall blues for about a day---well not this year.)
I'm doing much better, too. I finally accepted that I will never be the same after such an experience. EVER. I'm sure most of the world is thinking...."Uh duh...of course you won't be the same." But I think it was difficult for me to comprehend that I would be changed when the outcome was a positive one. In some weird way, I felt that since Charlotte lived I would be able to go back to how things were the day before the accident and when that didn't happen I kinda panicked. The Lord gave me such a great verse that helped me take major steps forward and letting go of this guilt of how can I ever thank God enough for giving me my precious Charlotte back and giving me more time with her.

Psalm 106:1-2 "Praise the LORD! Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good! His faithful love endures forever. Who can list the glorious miracles of the LORD? Who can ever praise him enough?"

That verse pretty much answered the question! None of us are worthy and none of us will ever be able to thank God enough.
Well, friends...thank you again for reading. Thank you for your support and love. I appreciate you all.

Until next time.

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